Bara Dari Welfare Society is a Voluntary Non-Governmental Organization working since 2004 with a strong belief in the power of the People’s Participatory Action.

pic-9Bara Dari Welfare Society was formed by committed social activists, experienced community leaders and grassroots workers to facilitate and support participatory actions for sustainable economic growth and reduce widespread poverty. Bara Dari Welfare Society was formed to support, capacitate and facilitate local people to enhance human resources and leadership for community survival and sustainable development initiatives and actions.

Bara Dari Welfare Society is working hard to mobilize and support people’s action for sustainable livelihood, sustainable resource management and just social structure which is free from domination, exploitation, corruption, violence, fear etc. through awareness campaign, networking & advocacy, Development training, workshop and supporting implementation of related project.

We believe to end extreme poverty and to promote- rights and good governance, building resilient societies, empowering women , and mitigating climate change, make the world safer, and help people better their own lives by supporting them.

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